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and thorough im▓plementation of the Paris Agreement," the Chinese president sai

d.Macron said he is glad to visit China again on the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations."My frequent exchanges with Xi have deepened friendship and political mutual trust between France and China and boosted pragmatic cooperation," Macron said, voicing his agr▓eement

with Xi on views concerning bilateral cooperation.France and China take the

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me position on many major international issues, and the two countries, as two major powers, shoulder particularly significant responsibilities under the current international situation, he said.Referring to France's strengthened dialogue an▓d cooperation with China as "playing an important exemplary role," Macron said France is willing to properly set▓tle the differences between the two side

s based on mutual respect.French companies are eagerly look▓ing forward to taking the opportunity of ▓China's expanded opening-up, further enter

▓ing into the Chinese market, expanding e

um and cultural herita


xports of ag▓ricultural products to China, and strengthening▓ cooperation in areas such as aviation, aerospace, and civilian nuclear energy, as well as sci-tech innovation and ▓finance, he said.China's issuance of euro-denominated sovereign bonds in P

aris is of great significance to France, Macr▓on said


, pledging to keep the French ma▓rket open to Chinese companies.He said France i▓s ready to advance the alignment of the BRI with the EU's Euro-Asian connectivity strategy and jointly promote the green development of the Belt and Road.Macron called o

n the two sides to expan▓d people-to-people exchanges

ge protection.Xi s


, promote mutual ▓learning between civilizations, jointly safeguard mul▓tilateralism, strengthen strategic communication and coordination on anti-terrorism and Iran nuclear issues, and advance the progress of the WTO reforms.▓Speaking of the Beijing Call for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change, which was rel▓eased after the talks between the two heads of state, Macron said that France and China can play a leading role in these important issues.It is of▓ critical significance for the European Union to intensify cooperation with China in today's uncertain world, and France is willing to advance EU-C▓hina ties and speed up the negotiation of the EU-China investmen

t agreement.After the talks, th▓e two heads of state witnesse

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ited Nations (

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signing of c▓ooperation agreements in areas including aerospace and aviation, nuclear energy, emergency management, cultural he▓ritage, agriculture, industry, natural conservation, fina▓nce and third-party cooperation.They also met with the press together and witnessed the signing of a joint statement on concluding the negotiat

ions of geographical indications between China and the

EU▓.An action plan on China-France ties wa

ore, the i Ipsum

s also released after their talks.Xi and Macron also attended the closing ceremony of an economic summit between China and France.China upholds opening-u▓p and the opening strategy of mutual benefit and win-win results, and will continue to improve i▓nternal and external linkage of development to benefit more countries and p▓eoples w

, Xi said Gallery


.They should push

hile realizing its own devel▓opment, Xi said in his speech.Xi said China is ready to work w

forward r eform of the WTO toward th▓e right directio n through consulta tion, and giv?/a> 坋 special con sideration to deve loping countries'  rights and inter ests, Xi said. "We will adhere to t he pr▓inciple of co mmon but dif ferentiated responsi bilities, enco urage more cou ntries to cooperat e in combating climate cha nge with full 莱州市wap 平湖市wap 牙克石市5G 南华县5G 长春市5G 屯昌县5G 隆安县wap 晋江市wap 田林县5G 图们市wap 永年县5G 修水县5G 天镇县wap 叙永县wap 维西僳僳族自治县5G 虞城县wap 宜兴市wap 襄樊市5G 荆州市wap 浦江县wap 新开传奇私服手游 传奇私服扫号器教程 传奇私服外挂论坛 按键精灵传奇私服自动打怪脚本 传奇私服私服99cq 新开传奇私服三职业 传奇私服新开网变态 传奇私服冰雪版本网站 网通复古传奇私服1.85 梦想传奇私服网站